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Home blog Causes Of The Central Car Lock Malfunction

Causes Of The Central Car Lock Malfunction

Causes Of The Central Car Lock Malfunction

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Opening the doors of a car is required for various reasons. You are lucky if the car door does not open because the battery in the remote control has run out. Otherwise, it is difficult to determine the cause of the malfunction yourself.  A professional alarm system diagnostic will be required. Opening the car locks may be necessary due to blown fuses. In this case, it is important to determine the cause of the short circuit in the protective circuit to completely eliminate the fault.

When the fuses are not burned out and the driver’s door cannot be opened with a key or a special button, the problem may be the following:

there is no contact on the control terminals of the door activator input wires;
failure of the control board;
breakage of the limit switch of the activator;
poor fixation of the rod fastener.

Specialists of our workshop are ready to quickly open the car door. We work with all brands of cars of domestic and imported production, ready to help in the near future. Service works without weekends and holidays. We have the following advantages:

affordable rates for opening car locks;
modern diagnostic capabilities;
many years of experience in car service;
extended warranties on the urgent opening of cars.

We are recommended for the responsibility and courtesy of the staff, rapid assistance. We repair car locks if they do not work at all or partially. It is not worth trying to solve the problem yourself, so you can spoil the mechanism, to face the problem of changing the lock. We will be able to open the car without damage and risk of additional costs. Give us a call! By trusting a professional to solve the problem, you can quickly return comfort to everyday life!

Opening of Apecs Locks

There are different situations in which it is necessary to open the lock. If the mechanism fails, you’ll have to call a master. The service for opening locks will quickly and qualitatively carry out the procedure. A person will be able to get into the apartment even if he has lost his key.

Features of Apecs locks opening

Apecs locks can fail for a variety of reasons. This brand produces various mechanisms, they are of high quality. In any case, you can open the locks and get into the room.

The scheme of action depends on what mechanism you have to deal with. For example, you can pull a spring with a wire or use a Bulgarian and cut the lock. In some cases you will have to insert a scrap between the body of the mechanism and the bail, trying to pull it back as much as possible. Opening the doors is not an easy task and should be entrusted to a specialist.

Causes Of The Central Car Lock Malfunction

The master will immediately go to the place and carry out the opening of the apartment locks. He will cope with the task of any complexity and guarantee excellent results.

Reasons to call the master can be very different. Opening of the door locks may be required in different situations. There are only a few cases where you can not do without a master.

The main reasons:

The key broke and was left in the lock. In this case, you will have to go to a master;
The mechanism has broken down due to corrosion. This will require a professional autopsy of the apartment;
The intruders tried to break into the house. They could have damaged the mechanism, which would then require the owner to open the lock;
The master knows how to open locks professionally, so you can quickly achieve a result. He knows the peculiarities of each mechanism and can find the right approach to the case. The specialist has the necessary tools with him, which will allow you to cope with the task even faster..
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100% Satisfaction Rate

Louis WilKinson

Everyday Locksmith

Mike has been to our house 3 times to fix appliances and always does a wonderful job. He does a great job of explaining what he will be doing and why it needs to be done. He has successfully fixed our appliance problems 100% of the time.



Shiloh Walter

Everyday Locksmith

Chris, the technician was friendly and professional. He looked at the washing machine that was leaking and quickly diagnosed the problem and fixed it in no time. I was able to get an appointment quickly and they came in within the window time frame.



Aria Valencia

Everyday Locksmith

Mike came and fixed our refrigerator in about 20 minutes!! This after another company took 6 months replacing parts and missing multiple appointments.Gave us a 2 hour window, showed up right on time and incredibly reasonably priced. This is how customer service should be done!